UK: “Congratulations, you have a Paki “kid” inside your stomach” 14 year old rape victim told. (Broken Justice)


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Passed around to Multiple Muslims to be raped for years and only 3 charges?

Manchester child rape trial concludes suddenly

This was posted earlier this evening by the Lancashire Constabulary. The case re-opened last week.

A man has today (Tuesday, March 26th) admitted three offences of child abduction and one of sexual activity with a child.

Mohammed Imran Amjad, 26, of Halifax Road, Brierfield pleaded guilty to the offences on a girl who was aged between 13 and 15 at the time. The offences occurred approximately between April and September 2010 at an address on Sackville Street, Brierfield.

The guilty pleas came part way through a trial at Manchester Crown Court. Amjad had initially denied the charges. He was acquitted on direction of the judge of other charges of rape and aid, abet, counsel or procure rape, encouraging or assisting an offence and witness intimidation.

Sentencing was adjourned until April 26th.

Five other men – Haroon Mahmood, 22, of John Street, Brierfield; Mohammed Suleman Farooq, 23, of Berry Street, Brierfield; Omar Mazafer, 22, of Halifax Road, Brierfield; Mohammed Zeeshan Amjad, 25, of Halifax Road, Brierfield and Shiraz Afzal, 26, of Mansfield Crescent, Brierfield – were acquitted on direction of the judge of various sex offences against the same girl.

This is an odd case. It started in the Crown Court Burnley last year but the jury was discharged after a few days and it has taken nearly 9 months to be re-listed.

The Times made a fuller report of yesterday’s evidence than the local newspapers. It is behind a paywall but reports that yesterday the court was told that Mohammed Imran Amjad “sent a text message to a 14-year-old girl after she fell pregnant, congratulating her on “having a Paki kid inside your stomach”, this after having befriended the girl then taking her to a house where she was forced to have sex with men, including his brother and other friends.

Alaric Bassano, prosecuting said that “Over a period of time he subdued her will and coerced her into submission,”

We don’t know the reason why the charges against the other men were not just left to lie on file but were declared not guilty. It may not come out in the reports of the sentencing next month.