‘Rape’ trial brothers won’t give evidence



Source : oxfordmail.co.uk

TWO brothers accused of raping and prostituting underage girls will not take the stand at the Old Bailey to defend themselves.

Akhtar and Anjum Dogar are accused of running a child sex exploitation gang in Oxford and are facing a jury in London with seven other defendants.

The first suspect to take the witness stand, married dad-of-three Kamar Jamil, finished his evidence yesterday.

But when it came to hear defence cases for the Dogar brothers, no evidence was put forward by their lawyers.

 Barrister Andrew Jefferies told the London court: “I do not call any evidence on behalf of Akhtar Dogar.”

And Lee Karu said: “On behalf of Mr Anjum Dogar we call no evidence.”

Akhtar, 32, denies five rapes and Anjum denies three. The brothers, of Tawney Street, also each deny three charges of conspiracy to rape, two of arranging or facilitating child prostitution, and one of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The crimes are said to have been committed between 2004 and 2008 against complainants known as Girl 1 and 3 aged between 13 and 15, and Girl 2 when she was 14.

Finishing his evidence, 27-year-old Jamil said he had found it “really hard” as he had trouble expressing himself during the trial.

Wearing a white shirt with a black tie, he told the court: “I seriously do not know these girls.”

And he told the jury: “I had to push myself to say my side.

“I’m trying my best to let the jury know but I am not sure if I have done well.

“But I feel better that I have come out here.”

Prosecutor Noel Lucas said four witnesses had identified him as someone who was often with the Dogar brothers. He said: “In reality Mr Jamil, four different girls have all remembered you, named you, identified you, and linked you to the Dogars.

“Can you think of any reason why these four girls should, quite independently of each other, attribute sexual contact to you if you were not in anyway involved?”

Jamil said: “I have done nothing to these girls.”

The Tesco security guard said he had responded to police questions with “no comment” when arrested last March on the advice on his solicitors.

And he told the jury he could not remember some details about his life because it was so long ago, adding: “I am trying my best.”

All nine defendants deny all 66 charges against them.

The trial will continue on Wednesday.