‘Labour must join forces with the Tories to help eject Qatada’



Source: express.co.uk(Jimmy McCloskey)

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling called on leader Ed Miliband to help end the “madness” of letting him stay.

Mr Grayling said the Tories‘ attempt to change the human rights laws preventing Qatada from being deported to Jordan are constantly thwarted by their Lib Dem coalition partners.

Writing in a newspaper comment piece, Mr Grayling said the system had gone “badly wrong” in preventing the deportation of a man “who so obviously despises what we stand for”.

He called on Labour to support “radical reform” of human rights laws, adding: “We have given up far too much of our own sovereignty.

“We have given up too many of our democratic rights. We need to reverse the changes.”

Some high-profile Labour politicians including ex-Home Secretary John Reid have said the Qatada fiasco is making a mockery of human rights laws.

However the Human Rights Act, passed by Tony Blair in 1998, is seen as unalterable by many Labour MPs.

Mr Grayling’s plea comes a week after the Appeal Court ruled Qatada could not be deported to Jordan over fears he would be denied a fair trial.