India: Muslim women’s group under police scanner, for trying to “motivate girls towards Islam”


Source : Mateen Hafeez)

MUMBAI: Intelligence agencies in the state have sent letters to all police stations in Mumbai asking them to monitor the activities of the Girls Islamic Organization (GIO). The organization is trying to “motivate girls towards Islam”, the letter warned.

GIO is girls’ wing of Jamaat-e-Islami in India. The letter stated that the GIO is trying to recruit young women and girls. It also mentioned names of two women, Swaleha Baji and Smaiyya. While the former has been referred as the Maharashtra chief of GIO, Smaiyya is said to be recruiting people.

“People are now attracted towards science. These women are trying to ask girls to wear a burqa and study Islam. We have asked police stations to monitors their activities,” said Sanjay Shintre who heads the special branch’s intelligence wing.

According to Shintre, male activists of the Jamaat-e-Islami had come under the scanner and now women were coming to the fore. “Many male functionaries of the Jamaat are on our radar so they are now focusing on girls. Muslim girls who are educated are not inclined towards religion,” Shintre said.

When asked whether there was any case against the GIO in the state or preaching a particular religion constituted any wrongdoing, Shintre said, “No. But we are monitoring them.” A Jamaat activist said they contacted special branch chief Nawal Bajaj. “Bajaj told us he will inquire into the matter,” he said.