Source : ALERTA DIGITAL, Spain

[Google translate] DJ. – The Spanish government will

allow Moroccan religious authorities to take control of children up to 18 years of age to make sure they have not been converted to Christianity.

In the name of Sharia it designates the set of rules of Muslim life. Islamic states are adopting it as their own legislation. They are even doing this – in partially-in Islamic countries that are not Islamic states.

In our case it is the subject of adoption. Apparently many couples want to adopt Spanish children outside our borders. We see that there are not enough children here.

Anyway, in Morocco, since the Islamists came to power in January 2012 [you know, the Arab spring], for a child to be adopted by a Moroccan Spanish family, it requires the child to remain culturally and religiously Muslim. Furthermore, the Spanish Government should be obliged to control the process [?] And allow Moroccan religious authorities to take control of children up to 18 years of age to ensure they have not been converted to Christianity.

The demands of an Islamic country is not a surprise for us, for we know far too well their lack of religious freedom. What is truly inconceivable is that the Spanish government accept these conditions. Well, what you just read, this unprecedented advance of Sharia in our country, will soon be included in our legislation.

Some questions that confront us are: What about religious freedom? And the Spanish Constitution? What about the West?

Apart from other issues such as the control of another state on our citizens within our borders, I think that no government has the right to create spaces within the country in which it suspends the right to religious freedom.

By observing the optimism and “normality” with some sectors towards such radical secularism when we hear this kind of news, it is understood that for some people the concepts of democracy, freedom, human rights, etc.. both extol them-however-are underlined with its hatred of Christianity (I am speaking now of Spain, of course). They forget, or ignore, that all these rights and freedoms are the result of a culture steeped in the Christian faith.