Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah Celebrate Boston Terror Attack


Source: .israelnewsagency.com

Jerusalem, Israel — April 15, 2013 … Shortly after terror bombs exploded and murdered over 12 people at the Boston Marathon, members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah were reported to be dancing in the streets of Gaza, handing out candies to passerbys.

A number of Palestinians had danced in the street in celebration of the 9/11 attacks in 2001 on the World Trade Center and Washington resulting in the deaths of thousands of Americans.

The head of an Islamic terror organization in Jordan – the Muslim Salafi group says he’s “happy to see the horror in America” after the bombing attacks in Boston.

“American blood isn’t more precious than Muslim blood,” said Mohammad al-Chalabi, who was convicted in an al-Qaeda-linked plot to attack US and other Western diplomatic missions in Jordan in 2003.

“Let the Americans feel the pain we endured by their armies occupying Iraq and Afghanistan and killing our people there,” he said today.

A Mideast counterterrorism official based in Jordan said the blasts “carry the hallmark of an organized terrorist group, like al-Qaeda.”

The New York Post has reported that at least 12 people are dead and over 100 injured – including up to 15 with amputated limbs – after two bombs ripped through the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Police and FBI were guarding a person of interest at a local hospital, according to a New York Post report confirmed by Fox News. The person, who sources said was 20 years old, had severe burns, but authorities had not determined whether the person was a victim or a perpetrator. Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said during a press conference that no suspect has yet been charged.

The Boston terror bombings took place just before 3 p.m. and reports of two other unexploded bombs were found near the scene reinforced that this was indeed a terrorist attack. Intelligence officials told The Associated Press two unexploded devices were being dismantled. Competitors and race organizers were crying as they fled the bloody chaos, while some witnesses reported seeing victims with lost limbs.


“Somebody’s leg flew by my head,” a spectator, who gave his name as John Ross, told the Boston Herald. “I gave my belt to stop the blood.”

The first two bombings occurred at 2:50 p.m. – nearly five hours after the marathon began – about 50 to 100 yards apart, according to Davis. A third explosion occurred near the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in the Columbia Point section of Dorchester, several miles southeast of the marathon’s finish line, at around 4:15 p.m. Police could not say if it was related to the earlier explosions.

The FBI, which was treating the bombing as a terrorist investigation, was analyzing video from several area surveillance cameras.

Over twenty-six people were transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, including a 3-year-old, who was then taken to a children’s hospital. A doctor at the hospital said at least two of the patients there are in critical condition and that some have burns and injuries that will likely require amputations.

Witnesses heard booms that sounded like two claps of thunder near the finish line inside the Fairmount Copley Plaza Hotel, according to multiple local reports. The terror attack unfolded as the city marked the 238th annual Patriot’s Day, commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

President Obama said Monday that those responsible will “feel the full weight of justice.”
The President assured that the administration is mobilizing its “full resources” to help investigate and provide security.

The President addressed the US from the White House briefing room just hours after the bombing attacks in Boston.
Obama has been in contact with Massachusetts officials regarding the fatal terror attack and has directed his administration to provide “whatever assistance is necessary.”

A White House official said the president called Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick earlier Monday to “express his concern for those who were injured and to make clear that his administration is ready to provide needed support as they respond to the incident.”

Obama was briefed by Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco and other members of his senior staff Monday afternoon, as well as by FBI Director Robert Mueller and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by this incident in Boston, especially the families and loved ones of those injured,” said US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. “Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies continue to respond, and at the President’s direction, the Department of Homeland Security is providing any support necessary in this ongoing investigation. We encourage the public to be vigilant, and to listen to direction from state and local officials.”

Officals in Jerusalem expressed regret for the senseless loss of life in Boston and declared that the people of Israel had the people of Boston in their thoughts and prayers.Israel Humanitarian Aid stated that if needed, they would fly to Boston to provide assistance to first responders and the terror victims. Please share www.Israel4Boston.com.

 Link: http://www.israelnewsagency.com/bostonmarathonterrorattackpalestiniansdancingcandygazaobamahamasislamicjihadhezbollahiran48041513.html

Sinhala -Muslim conflict in Welimada


Source: mirror.lk

A conflict has occurred between a Sinhalese and a Muslim group at Welimada , Bogahakubura.

Bodu Bala Sena Executive Committee Member  Dilantha Vithanage told ‘Mirror’ that the volatile situation has occurred due to an allegation against an elderly Muslim for abusing a 6 year old girl.
Our organization made a request from the Police to normalize the situation, he stated.

Bodu Bala Sena does not have any involvement in the situation occurred, he said, and requested the public to remain calm while the Police handled the situation. He requests from the public to not take law into their own hands in such a situation.


Link: http://mirror.lk/news/6453-sinhala-muslim-conflict-in-welimada

Man beheads sister, walks to the police station with her head in kolkata india

Oytun Ayse Mihalik, California Pharmacist, Gets Prison For Funding Terrorism


Source: huffingtonpost.com/AP

SANTA ANA, Calif. — A California woman was sentenced Friday to five years in prison for wiring money to Pakistan to help fund terrorist attacks against U.S. military personnel.

Oytun Ayse Mihalik, 40, of La Palma pleaded guilty in August to one count of providing material support to terrorists. She admitted to providing a total of $2,050 in three wire transfers to a person in Pakistan with the intention that the money would be used for attacks against U.S. military personnel and other people overseas, prosecutors said.

“While the sum of money involved in this case may not seem substantial, there’s no doubt the funds this defendant sent overseas would have covered the cost of an attack on U.S. soldiers,” said Claude Arnold, special agent in charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement‘s homeland security investigations in Los Angeles. “Money is the mother’s milk of terrorism and we will move aggressively against those who provide financial support to groups and individuals bent on harming the U.S. and its allies.”

Mihalik, who worked as a pharmacist, has been in federal custody since she was arrested in August, after she attempted to board a flight to her native Turkey. Court records show she had been cooperating with investigators.

Shortly after her arrest, Mihalik told the FBI that she believed the person in Pakistan was a member of the Taliban and al-Qaeda and he was using the money for mujahideen efforts against American military forces in the Afghanistan/Pakistan region, authorities said.


Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/29/oytun-ayse-mihalik-sentenced_n_2981266.html

Kabul prison filled with women accused of ‘moral crimes’



Source: mg.co.za( KATHY GANNON)


More than two-thirds of the inmates at the Badam Bagh prison are serving sentences for leaving their husbands or refusing arranged marriages.

The 21-year-old Afghan woman said she fled her abusive husband only to be raped at gunpoint by a stranger who was supposed to help her.

The man then settled in front of a TV set, putting the gun on a table by his side. Choosing her moment, Mariam grabbed it and shot her assailant in the head, then turned the gun on herself.

“Three days later I woke up in the hospital,” said Mariam, shyly removing a scarf from her head to reveal a partially shaved head and a long jagged scar that ran almost the length of her head where the bullet grazed her scalp.

From the hospital, Mariam was sent to a police station and from there to Afghanistan’s main women’s prison, Badam Bagh, which in Pashto means Almond Garden. She is one of 202 inmates in a jail mostly filled with women serving time for so-called “moral” crimes. Many had sought justice for domestic violence or tried to run away from an abusive situation.

Under international pressure, Afghanistan has made some progress in advancing women’s rights after years of repressive Taliban rule that banned girls from going to school and forced women to wear all-encompassing burqas and leave their homes only when accompanied by a male relative. But the country remains a deeply conservative society run by men who most often turn to tribal jirgas that routinely hand down rulings offering up girls and women to settle debts and disputes.

Nowhere is this more evident than at the Badam Bagh prison, built by the Italian government six years ago to house female inmates from the Kabul area. The Associated Press recently was given rare access to the facility.

Children in jail
More than two-thirds of the 202 inmates are serving sentences of up to seven years for leaving their husbands, refusing to accept an arranged marriage, or leaving their parents’ home with a man of their choice, according to the prison’s director, Zaref Jan Naebi. The rest face theft, assault or narcotics charges. Two women are in jail on murder.

Some of the women were jailed while pregnant, others with their small children. Naebi said 62 children are living with their imprisoned mothers, sharing the same gray, steel bunk beds and napping in the afternoon behind a sheet draped from the upper bunk, oblivious to the chatter and the crackling noises from the small TV sets shoved off to one side of the rooms.

Before the two-story prison, named for the sprawling almond orchard across the street, was built, female prisoners were held in rundown cement cellblocks in the centre of Kabul in a jail that predated the Taliban. Others were locked up in the notorious Pul-e-Charkhi jail, which also houses 1 300 male inmates.

At Badam Bagh, six inmates live in cells originally intended to house four.

Mariam has spent the past three months in one of them, without any idea of why she was imprisoned, what charges she faces or when she can leave.

“I haven’t gone to court. I am just waiting,” Mariam told the AP, hugging a ratty brown sweater to protect her from the damp cold of the prison.

While it might not be against the law to run away or escape a forced marriage, the courts routinely convict women fleeing abusive homes with “the intent to commit adultery”, which are most often simply referred to as “moral crimes”, says a UN report released last month. It also said most cases of abuse go unreported.

Tribal laws
The director general of prisoners, General Amer Mohammad Jamsheed, said about 650 women are jailed nationwide, and “most are in jail for moral crimes”.

It was not possible to determine whether this represents an increase from previous years, though Georgette Gagnon, director of human rights with the UN Assistance Mission for Afghanistan, said that more women are now reporting abuses and that many wind up being charged as a result.

Zubaida Akbar, founder of the volunteer Haider organisation, which fights for women’s rights and sends lawyers and other representatives to the women’s prison to defend the inmates in court, said women often risk being jailed themselves if they seek justice against the violence.

“Perceptions toward women are still the same in most places, tribal laws are the only laws followed and in most places nothing has changed in the basics of women’s lives. There are policies and papers and even laws but nothing has changed,” Akbar said.

In the overwhelmingly male-dominated legal system, Akbar said even when a female inmate gets in front of the judge “he says ‘it is her husband, she should go back and make it work. It is her fault and not her place to leave him – not in our society.'”

Surrounded by a high fence topped with razor wire, the children being kept with their mothers at the Badam Bagh prison play in a single small open space. Nearby women hang out their laundry. On balconies obscured by mesh and steel bars women sit and smoke.

Naebi, the jail’s director, said inmates attend a variety of classes during the week, ranging from basic literacy, to crafts and sewing, so they will have a skill after they are released.

The women interviewed by AP agreed to tell their story on condition that only their first names were used for fear of being stigmatised after their release from prison.

Nuria, dressed in maroon from head to toe, quieted her infant boy as she told of going to court to demand a divorce from a husband she was forced by her parents to marry. “I wanted to get a divorce but he wouldn’t let me go. I never wanted to marry him. I loved someone else but my father made me. He threatened to kill me if I didn’t,” Nuria said.

“When I went to court for the divorce, instead of giving me a divorce, they charged me with running away,” she said. The man she wanted to marry also was sent to jail.

When she went to court Nuria said she didn’t know she was pregnant. Her son was born in jail. After he learned he had a son, her husband offered to drop the charges if she returned home. Nuria, who has eight months left to serve, refused.

“He wants me to come home now because I have his son but I said no,” she said.

Adia, who is now seven months pregnant, said she left her drug-addicted husband, then ran away with another man when her parents insisted she go back – though she insists it was a platonic relationship.

“I was desperate to get away and he said he would help me,” said Adia (27). “But he didn’t, he just left me. I went to the court. I was angry. I wanted him charged and my husband charged, but instead they charged me and sentenced me to six years. I went back to court to appeal the conviction and this time I was sentenced to seven and a half years.”

Veneer of progress
At 60, Fauzia is the oldest inmate in the facility. She stared out of the prison bars. Already seven years in jail, Fauzia is serving a 17-year sentence for killing her husband and her daughter-in-law. Expressionless as she told her story, she rolled up her sleeve to display a mangled elbow that she said her husband smashed with a stick. She was his fourth wife.

“I was in one room. I came into the next room and they were there having sexual relations. I found a big knife and killed them both,” she said in a voice empty of emotion.

Naebi, the prison director, confirmed the charges against the prisoners who spoke with the AP, but she did not provide details.

Zubeida, the women’s activist, said despite what she calls a veneer of progress in Afghanistan, little is different for most Afghan women.

“We have the appearance of everything, but when you dig deep down below the surface nothing fundamentally has changed. It has been tough. It has been really tough,” she said. – Sapa-AP


Link: http://mg.co.za/article/2013-04-09-kabul-prisons-filled-with-women-accused-of-moral-crimes

Opemipo Jaji: Alleged schoolgirl rapist ‘attacked before’



Source: bbc.co.uk

A teenager accused of raping an 11-year-old girl in a park had attacked another schoolgirl a year before, a court has been told.

Opemipo Jaji, 18, admitted sexually assaulting and robbing the girl in 2011, the Old Bailey heard.

He is on trial accused of raping a girl after following her home from school on a bus and dragging her into a park in Enfield, north London, last November.

Mr Jaji, of Edmonton, denies rape.

He followed the girl, dragged her into Jubilee Park and subjected her to a three-hour ordeal, the Old Bailey heard.

Her glove had been stuffed in her mouth and she had been stripped and assaulted.

DNA in park

The girl ran home dishevelled and bleeding and later underwent surgery for her injuries, the court heard.

Mr Jaji said he was not the attacker, although he was on the same bus.

He claimed her DNA found on his bag, trainer shoe and the waistband of his boxer shorts was from when he went into the park later that evening, the jury heard.

But Rosina Cottage, QC, prosecuting, said it was “not a coincidence” that Mr Jaji had sexually assaulted and robbed a girl before.

Miss Cottage said a tie had been placed in that girl’s mouth by Mr Jaji.

She added: “He had an interest in pre-pubescent girls and sexual acts with pre-pubescent girls.”

Mr Jaji had been arrested a few days later after CCTV was viewed, and his bedroom searched.

A book about a little girl being sexually assaulted was found, along with adverts for child care vacancies and a picture of a little girl in Australia marked FC – a possible reference to Facebook, the court heard.

There was also an article about missing schoolgirl April Jones.

‘Dishevelled and panicky’

The court was told the alleged victim had caught a bus in Enfield Town with her friend at 16:30 GMT.

Miss Cottage said: “She got on the bus with her friend and they were giggling and chatting.

“Also on the bus was a young male, the defendant. He watched her get off the bus and followed her.

“He dragged her into a local park in the dark and raped her. She ran home bleeding and injured. Her blood and DNA were found on his clothes and bag.”

Miss Cottage said the girl had been expected home by 17:00 GMT and her parents rang police by 17:30 after she failed to turn up.

The girl appeared at 20:00 “dishevelled, dirty and panicky”.

“She had a crop-top bra in her hand and said she had been attacked,” Miss Cottage said.

The girl said her attacker “had kept making fists and cracking his knuckles”.

She said when they were in the park, he kept asking for her phone – which she did not have – her Oyster travel card and her keys.

At one point, he threatened to stab her if she moved and caught her when she tried to run away, the jury was told.

He had also threatened to film her and send copies to children at her school, she said.

The trial was adjourned until Thursday.


Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-22099879

Tortured Filipina Maid Cries For Justice



Source: arabtimesonline.com(Michelle Fe Santiago Arab Times Staff)
Bruises Left On The Arms And Legs Of The Filipina Maid After Beating By The Female Sponsor With An Iron Rod.
Tortured Filipina Maid Cries For Justice 

KUWAIT CITY, April 10: “She has no heart and she treated me like an animal,” cried the Filipina household service worker (HSW) whose photo with bruises and hematoma has gone viral on the social networking site Facebook. E S, 34, separated with four kids and a native of Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat in Southern Philippines who escaped from her employers’ house on April 7 is now under the custody of the Philippine Embassy and staying temporarily at the Filipino Workers Resource Centre after allegedly suffering from severe maltreatment in the hands of her Kuwaiti lady employer.

E S recounted to the Arab Times on Wednesday the alleged trauma and nightmare that she experienced when she arrived in Kuwait on Dec 29, 2010 to work in the household of a Kuwaiti family. “I was the only housemaid and it was a huge house with three floors. I was doing everything inside the house. I only get two hours sleep everyday. I usually sleep at around 12 midnight and my madam wakes me up before 3 am to start doing the chores,” she disclosed. She pointed out that she can handle all the chores but she cannot take the physical abuse that she has suffered from her lady employer.

“She started hurting me last August 2012. At first, she was just throwing slippers at me for no reason at all then as the days went by, she started hitting me with a long wooden stick for only a minor mistake like she wants me to clean the six bathrooms over and over again even if they’re already clean. One time, she saw me falling asleep while doing some chores and I was shocked when she suddenly hit me with a wooden stick. I begged her to stop and asked her if I can rest even for a few minutes but she won’t let me,” E S sobbed as she showed her bruises that dotted various parts of her body and the contusion on her head. She tried once to escape to one of their neighbours but their neighbour brought her back to her sponsor’s house again and the beating became more serious, she claimed.

E S tried to endure everything as her contract was supposed to end last December 2012. “I just held on until December but when December came and when I asked them if I could go home, they told me to wait until my replacement comes. In January this year, from a wooden stick, my madam started beating me with a long steel rod almost everyday,” she stated.

On April 6, her madam called her to the kitchen and scolded her. “She accused me of urinating in the kitchen because of some yellow reflection on the floor. I explained to her that it’s just the reflection of the lights and I will never urinate on the kitchen’s floor. Then she called her husband but her husband said there’s no urine on the floor. This time she became hysterical and got mad at me and screamed at her husband why he was siding with me. When her husband walked out of the kitchen, she then beat with the long steel rod. She even kicked me. I begged her to stop but she wouldn’t until my head was already bleeding and there was so much blood on the floor. She poured water on me and asked me to clean the floor,” E S disclosed.  After being beaten black and blue, she went up to her room and finally decided to escape from her abusive madam. “I prayed so hard that night for God may lead me the way,” she shared in between sobs.

Finally, she got a chance to escape when her madam asked her to throw some garbage in the early morning of April 7. Some Filipina housemaids who work in their neighbourhood saw her and took pity on her so they hid her in one of the houses in the neighbourhood with the help of their Kuwaiti employers where she stayed for a day. On April 8, she took a cab and ended up in one of the malls where a Filipina doctor saw her who then took her to the Filipino Workers Resource Centre at the Philippine Overseas Labour Office. “She was the one who took my photos but I did not know that she posted by photos on Facebook. I don’t want my family to know what happened to me. Her intention may be good but I was surprised to see my face all over Facebook. Despite this, I want to thank her for helping me and those who helped me,” E S stated. She added that she is bent on filing a case against her lady employer. “I want her to be behind bars for what she did to me,” she stated as tears welled in her eyes.

The Philippine Embassy under the leadership of the newly assigned Charge d’ Affaires Atty Raul H Dado is closely monitoring the case and vowed to extend all the possible assistance to E S.

“We already brought her for medical exam and we have already reported the incident to the police authorities. The embassy has hired a known Kuwaiti international human rights lawyer, Attorney Al-Saqabi and we will be filing a case against her employer. We’ll do everything and leave no stone unturned to ensure that justice will be served,” disclosed the embassy’s Assistant to Nationals Unit Officer Mar Hassan to the Arab Times.


Link: http://www.arabtimesonline.com/NewsDetails/tabid/96/smid/414/ArticleID/195038/reftab/36/t/Tortured-Filipina-maid-cries-for-justice/Default.aspx

Somali child rapist we can’t deport is £7,000 – and released back on to the streets: You’ve guessed it… locking him up is a ‘breach of his human rights’

  • Mustafa Abdi was jailed in 1998 for rape and indecency with a child

  • Somali was later detained for two and a half years as he awaited deportation

  • This breached his right to liberty, European Court of Human Rights found

  • UK Government ordered to pay more than £7,000 in damages and legal costs



Source: dailymail.co.uk( JACK DOYLE)


A Somali paedophile has been given thousands of pounds by a human rights court – and released on to the streets.

Ministers have spent more than a decade trying and failing to deport Mustafa Abdi, who is thought to have cost taxpayers more than £600,000 in jail costs and legal aid.

But yesterday Strasbourg judges ordered the British government to pay the convicted child rapist thousands of pounds in damages and legal costs.

Human rights: The court in Strasbourg found that the decision to re-detain Abdi in 2008 when he breached his bail conditions was not lawful because the required reviews weren't carried outHuman rights: The court in Strasbourg found that the decision to re-detain Abdi in 2008 was not lawful because the required reviews weren’t carried out

The court said Abdi was ‘wrongfully detained’ for two and a half years, breaching his right to liberty.

Ministers had decided he should remain in jail while awaiting deportation because he presented a ‘high risk’ to the public. But it emerged he was released from prison in January this year because there was no prospect of him being deported any time soon.

He has spent around 13 years in jail and received tens of thousands of pounds in legal aid to help him thwart deportation.

Last night Home Office officials were still insisting they would ‘continue to seek to deport’ him – despite having failed to do so since 2002.

Abdi, who was born in 1975, arrived in Britain in May 1995. His asylum claim was rejected, but he was given leave to remain in Britain until February 2000.

Unlawful: The European Court of Human Rights ordered the UK Government to pay Abdi, who is being held at HMP Brixton (pictured), £1,277 in damages, and a further £5,960 to cover legal costs and expensesUnlawful: The court ordered the Government to pay Abdi, who is being held at HMP Brixton (pictured), £1,277 in damages, and a further £5,960 to cover legal costs

In 1998 he was convicted of rape and indecency with a child and sentenced to eight years in prison.

In May 2002 David Blunkett, then Home Secretary, ordered his deportation – but Abdi made the first of several appeals.

While in prison he was assessed as presenting a ‘high risk’ of sexual offending if let out. As a result he was detained after his sentence was completed while ministers tried to deport him.

They were thwarted because no airline was prepared to fly him, or any other Somali nationals, back home against their will. Abdi refused to return home voluntarily.

In September 2006 he was given permission to apply for a judicial review of the decision to keep him behind bars.

He won his initial case, but the Court of Appeal ruled that his detention between December 2004 and June 2006 was lawful because he could have returned to Somalia voluntarily. He was let out in April 2007 but arrested again a year later after breaching his bail conditions by failing to report to police.

Ministers struggle to return Somali nationals home, even those convicted of heinous crimes, because of another ruling by the European Court of Human Rights.

Yesterday the same court overturned the British court’s ruling and said his detention was unlawful because regular case reviews did not take place.

The Strasbourg judges ordered the Government to pay £1,277 (1,500 euros) in damages and £5,960 (7,000 euros) for legal costs and expenses. It is thought he has received between £20,000 and £30,000 in legal aid in Britain, while taxpayers have also had to cough up £45,000 a year for jail costs.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘We are extremely disappointed with the court’s decision and are urgently reviewing our options.

‘We will continue to seek to deport this individual who has shown a complete disregard for the laws of this country.

‘We believe it is right that dangerous individuals are kept in detention, wherever possible, in order to protect the public.’

Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2306373/Mustafa-Abdi-Somali-child-rapist-receives-compensation-Government-unlawfully-held-half-years-awaiting-deportation.html#ixzz2PclAb2jk

25,000 Bangladeshi muslims set fire to 22 Buddhist temples

Canadian Left Calls for ‘Neutrality’ on Honor Killings & Female Genital Mutilation

Source: frontpagemag.com( Michael Kravshik)

Cultural relativism has reached a new point of absurdity in Canada when the “barbarity” of female genital mutilation and honor killings is questioned and becomes a controversy.

A recently introduced manual by the Government of Canada intended to teach newcomers about Canadian values and Canadian society has been met with ongoing hostility from left-wing Canadians and politicians over the choice of words in describing female genital mutilation and honor killings. Jinny Sims, the immigration critic of the opposition New Democratic Party of Canada, suggested the word “barbaric” might “stigmatize some cultures.”

Aside from official protestations, everyone can imagine the type of cultural relativist rhetoric that has been used to attack the Conservative government for releasing this guide. The blogosphere has been filled with “liberal-minded” Canadians continuing in the same vein as Ms. Sims, suggesting the term “barbaric” is somehow discriminatory or offensive to a particular group. However, reasoned thought on the matter should conclude on the exact opposite; that it is offensive to those forced to endure such ordeals to call them anything but barbaric. Unfortunately, sensitivity towards this group (as per usual) is ignored.

Taking up the relativist banner was also none other than Justin Trudeau, front-runner for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, and son of the infamous Canadian Prime Minister who brought multiculturalist policy to Canada. He attacked the Conservatives for using the term “barbaric,” and suggested that the term was a “pejorative” and that “there needs to be a little bit of an attempt at responsible neutrality.”

Of course the term is a pejorative, as it should be. Have we gone so mad with political correctness that we can’t even call cold-blooded murder of a family member “barbaric” in case it might “stigmatize” or offend? Rightfully, Mr. Trudeau was forced to step back from his comments as even members of his own party realized he had gone too far. This was done in the usual callous fashion people expect these days from politicians: Trudeau claimed that his words were somehow taken out of context and that they may have “misled” people.

He certainly didn’t mislead Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who shot back at Trudeau saying that the Liberals are, “so wrapped up in political correctness, they can’t call things for what they are anymore…They’re afraid of offending someone or appearing to be insensitive by actually making a judgement about culturally barbaric practices.”

Here we have a blatant example of the folly of cultural relativism. Had Trudeau’s comments not been so utterly contemptible that they were questioned by his own colleagues, it is safe to assume he would have continued his attack on what he would call “conservative values.” While Mr. Trudeau attacked these values for political reasons, what is always more shocking is when regular, intelligent people actually believe that using the term “barbaric” to describe heinous practices is somehow unjustified or discriminatory. This is not a “conservative” value judgment. It is an affirmation of Canadian values, Western values, and unequivocally morally justified values.


Link: http://frontpagemag.com/2013/michael-kravshik/canadian-left-calls-for-neutrality-on-honor-killings-female-genital-mutilation/