Raping Women in the Name of Islam

Lara Logan, a female reporter who was sexually assaulted during protests in Egypt.

               Lara Logan, a female reporter who was sexually assaulted during protests in Egypt

                                                                 Photo Credit: Lt. Col. Scott Bliechwehl/US Army 


Source: gatestoneinstitute.org( Khaled Abu Toameh)

As of now, families of “pro-Palestinian” activists will have to think ten times before sending their daughters on humanitarian aid convoys.

While jihadis in Syria are importing girls from Tunisia to satisfy their sexual needs, their colleagues in Libya are kidnapping and raping women.

Last week, the father of two British women of Pakistani origin said that his daughters were gang raped in front of him by Muslim fundamentalists in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi.

The father, Awadh al-Barassai, said on his Facebook page that the women were part of a humanitarian convoy that was heading to the Gaza Strip.

He said that the women were raped in front of him after being kidnapped by Muslim extremists. He condemned the crime as a “horrible act.”

According to reports in the Arab media, the two women were gang raped in accordance with a fatwa [Islamic religious decree] issued by Jordanian Salafi Sheikh Yasser Ajlouni.

Ajlouni’s fatwa allows the jihadis to have sexual intercourse with women who fall captive during war, as seen in thisYouTube video, in which Ajlouni states:

My fatwa, which will be issued soon, relates to the Alawite or Druze communities, those who are in Syria, my country where I lived for 17 years.

This fatwa is about milk al-yamin [a reference to sex slaves. Literally translated, it means: That which your right hand possesses]. The propose of the milk al-yamin is to be protect the honor of the women. A women who comes under the rule of milk al-yamin will enjoy the security and protection of he who takes her captive, those from the Free Syrian Army. How to deal with the women who are taken captive by the Free Syrian Army or the mujahideen. In Islam there is a legal rule when a war erupts between the Muslims and their enemies. Those who are fighting in Syria are from the Alawite sect. When the Free Syrian Army captures them, they will be subjected to sharia rules. These sharia rules include the so-called milk al-yamin. These require sharia rules and Islam has defined them.

The women who were raped in Libya obviously had not been aware of the fatwa.

That they were part of a human convoy headed to help Muslims in the Gaza Strip did not prevent Libya’s jihadis from perpetrating their crime.

The “pro-Palestinian” groups in charge of the convoy must feel a bit embarrassed about this crime. That is perhaps why they have been trying to hide the case from the eyes of Muslims and the international community.

What happened to the two women in Libya is a big disgrace not only to Islam, but to all those who sympathize with fundamentalists and terrorists, including the “scholars” and “sheikhs” who authorize such crimes.

Moderate Muslims who fail to strongly condemn the Muslim terrorists and rapists also bear responsibility for the crimes that are being committed in the name of Islam.

The gang rape in Libya will also cause tremendous damage to the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip. As of now, families of “pro-Palestinian” activists around the world will have to think ten times before sending their daughters on humanitarian aid convoys.

‭Link: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3655/islam-raping-women